Daring Authenticity Workshop

Monday, May 22
1 – 4 p.m.

Facilitator: Rachel Verlik, PCC, CDTLF, MP6 Consulting, LLC

Based on the work and research of Dr. Brené Brown, this session will highlight key principles of the Dare to Lead™ framework as we strive for more daring leadership and self-awareness in AAPA, our organizations, with our patients, and in our communities. We’ll explore the four skill sets of courage; what moments are our call to courage and what gets in our way; what the components of vulnerability are; how values serve as navigational beacons and how we can harness the power of vulnerability to be our bravest selves in our professions, leadership roles, and life. We will also explore a framework for how we can best develop resiliency.

Dare to Lead™ training focuses on the four skill sets of courage identified through Brené’s research: Rumbling with Vulnerability, Living into Our Values, Braving Trust, and Learning to Rise. These skill sets are 100% teachable, making daring leadership possible for all seeking to be brave and cultivate courageous cultures.

The cost for this workshop is $35. Reserve your spot today through the registration and housing dashboard.