General Information

Where and when is the AAPA 2020 Conference?

The conference will be held Saturday, May 16, 2020 – Wednesday, May 20, 2020 in Nashville, TN. All conference events will take place inside Music City Center, 201 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 32703 and the Omni Nashville Hotel, 250 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 32703. New this year – the AAPA Board of Directors Meeting and House of Delegates Meeting will start a day earlier than usual. The Board will meet on Thursday, May 14 and the House of Delegates will meet Friday, May 15 – Sunday, May 17.

Where are the future AAPA conferences?
  • AAPA 2021 – May 22 – 26, Philadelphia, PA
  • AAPA 2022 – May 21 – 25, Indianapolis, IN
Where were the past AAPA conferences?
  • AAPA 2019 – May 18 – 22, Denver, CO
  • AAPA 2018 – May 19 – 23, New Orleans, LA
  • AAPA 2017 – May 15 – 19, Las Vegas, NV
  • AAPA 2016 – May 14 – 18, San Antonio, TX
  • AAPA 2015 – May 23 – 27, San Francisco, CA
  • AAPA 2014 – May 24 – 28, Boston, MA
How much does it cost to register?

View all registration details including registration categories, rates, and letters for employers and PA programs.

Where should I stay during AAPA 2020?

AAPA has negotiated discounted hotel rates with several hotels in Nashville. All reservations must be made while registering online through AAPA’s official housing site to receive these discounted rates. Remember, by booking in the AAPA 2020 official hotel block, you save $200 on your registration rate!

Why should I book my hotel room through AAPA?
  • There is no prepayment or deposit due at the time of booking.
  • When attendees book their rooms through AAPA, it helps us negotiate lower room rates and lower conference expenses. This allows us to keep registration rates lower.
  • You can be surrounded by your fellow PAs.
Can I bring a guest to the conference?

Yes, guest passes are available for purchase on site at the conference for $50. Guests must be accompanied by a registered attendee. Please keep in mind guests are only allowed access to the Exhibit Hall, General Session, and the AAPA 2020 Opening Reception. Guests must be 18 years of age or older.

Children under the age of 18, including infants, are welcome in the public spaces of the Music City Center as well as the Exhibit Hall on Sunday and Monday during show hours. Please be aware that the Exhibit Hall is crowded and that small children and infants should be in strollers or carriers.

Children, including infants, under the age of 18 are not allowed in CME sessions, General Session, the AAPA 2020 Opening Reception, or Challenge Bowl, due to safety concerns, audio recording, and the goal of maintaining an appropriate learning environment.

Education & CME

How many CME credits can I potentially earn at this meeting?

You can earn more than 35 AAPA Category 1 CME credits in five days, depending on which sessions you attend.

As with all CME, conference CME credit is awarded on an hour for hour basis. Sessions are generally scheduled for 60 minutes, which equals one credit.

Self-assessment CME will receive an additional 50 percent weighting when logging with NCCPA. PAs should be aware that the extra weighting for self-assessment activities is only relevant to NCCPA certification. States that require CME for license renewal purposes do not apply any additional weighting for self-assessment CME and PAs must claim those credits exactly as awarded on their CME certificates.

Why should I attend self-assessment sessions?

In recognition of the value of self-assessment and its role in continuous professional development, NCCPA is now offering an additional incentive to encourage PA participation in self-assessment activities. For all activities approved for AAPA Category 1 Self-Assessment CME credit, NCCPA will now apply an additional 50% weighting when those self-assessment credits are logged for NCCPA certification maintenance purposes. In other words, if a PA logs 20 AAPA Category 1 Self-assessment CME credits with NCCPA, they will count as 30 of their total 100 credit requirements for that 2-year CME cycle.

PAs should be aware that the extra weighting for self-assessment activities is only relevant to NCCPA certification and NCCPA will automatically apply the extra weighting in their logging system. PAs should log self-assessment credits exactly as they are reflected on their CME certificates. States that require CME for license renewal purposes do not apply any additional weighting for self-assessment and PAs must claim those credits exactly as awarded on their CME certificates.

What are Fast Fifteen Sessions?

Fast Fifteen Sessions are 15 minutes of content followed by 15 minutes of Q&A on specific topics. Content varies and focuses on recent guideline changes with facilitators offering bottom line, must-know clinical details. These sessions are included in your conference registration.

What are Small Interactive Sessions (SIS)?

SIS sessions feature a blend of lecture-based and case-based content, presented by facilitators who guide discussion on a specific topic. They are designed for PAs practicing in the relevant specialty for more than 5 years. These sessions will be available for an additional $10 fee, which is donated to the PA Foundation.

Are there any hands-on workshops available? How do I sign up for them?

Workshops at AAPA 2020 aim to provide in-depth practical instruction to enhance your clinical skills, from reading EKGs and knot tying to using bedside ultrasound. Purchase your tickets during the conference registration process. These sessions will be available for additional purchase when registration opens. The cost is based on the materials required for the session.

What if I can’t attend but still want to earn CME credit?

AAPA Conference on Demand gives you online access to sessions recorded at AAPA 2020 and is available for purchase through Learning Central. The full list of sessions to be captured in Nashville will not be available until July 2020 as it is dependent on individual speakers giving permission for capture. The content is the presentation slides synchronized with the audio of the speaker’s voice. You must complete an evaluation at the conclusion of the presentation to be able to claim credit and receive your certificate.

Want CME from Denver? AAPA 2019 Conference on Demand is available now.

Are there any volunteer opportunities available at AAPA 2020?

Yes. AAPA has opportunities for conference attendees to volunteer as moderators for CME sessions. Moderators will introduce the speaker, remind attendees of housekeeping notes, and help keep the sessions on time. As a show of appreciation, moderators receive, upon completed moderator evaluation, an AAPA store credit that can be used on any AAPA online store product including membership. Apply to be a moderator today.

How else can I contribute to CME at AAPA conferences?

Interested in contributing to the content of the conference? You can submit a presentation idea during the Call for Presentations and/or you can volunteer to be a grader and review the submitted presentation ideas to help determine the content for the next conference. Submission opens in May 2020 for the AAPA 2021. 2021 grader sign up will be available in June 2020. Deadline for conference submissions and grader applications for AAPA 2021 will close July 31, 2020.

What if I am interested in hosting a Satellite Symposium?

To host a Satellite Symposia, you must:

  • Create a topic based on a needs assessment including PA performance gap analysis
  • Have at least one faculty member who is a PA
  • Submit your completed application by January 31, 2020
  • Apply for AAPA Category 1 CME credit through AAPA’s CME accreditation process no later than March 1, 2020

For detailed information, download the Satellite Symposium forms here:
Satellite Symposium Guidelines Satellite Symposium Application

Requesting Event Space for AAPA 2020

How do I request event space for a constituent organization, alumni, or specialty group event?

Please fill out the Event Request Form with all your event details. AAPA will assign space and send confirmations on January 31, 2020.

How can I publicize my constituent, alumni, or specialty group event?

Please fill out the form provided above. Event details will then be posted in the online conference scheduler and AAPA app.


Why should I exhibit at AAPA 2020?

Attendees of this conference are extremely interested in new products as well as any information that assists them in their care of patients as well as in improving their efficiencies as a health care provider. This is an annual conference with a rich history of success for exhibiting companies.


Why should I become a sponsor for AAPA 2020?

Sponsoring at this conference will improve visibility of your support of the PA profession as well as increase traffic to your exhibit or product theater.

Housing Policy and Registration Discount

What if I live in Nashville?

If you live within a 50-mile radius of Nashville, you are automatically eligible for the $200 discount on your registration fee.

What if I’m sharing a room with another attendee?

The hotel block registration discount is available for all registrants, even if they are sharing a room with another attendee. The $200 discount can be applied for up to four people sharing one room.

Here are the steps to receive the discount for all individuals who are sharing a room:

  1. The person who will be reserving the room in their name should register first by logging in the registration and housing dashboard.
    1. When this individual reaches the “Book Hotel” page, they should search for a hotel based on the desired Arrival and Departure Dates. To select a hotel, click the purple button labeled “View Rooms.” Select the desired room type and rate by clicking the purple button labeled “Reserve.” Read and agree to the cancellation policy.
    2. Fill in information for each guest. The first guest information should be the person who is holding the room in their name. Click save. To add additional guests, select the purple button labeled “Add Person.” Add up to 3 additional guests. Review and check out. The individual booking will now be offered the registration discount of $200.
  2. Once step one is complete, each guest of that room can go in and register. When arriving on the “Book Hotel” page, please click the white button labeled “No Reservations at this time.” Then select “Sharing a room reserved by someone else.” A blank box will pop up indicating “Please provide the name of the person you are sharing a room with.” Please enter the name of the person who reserved the room and click continue. This will apply the $200 discount at check out.
  3. Should any issues arise during this process, please contact the meetings department at [email protected].
  4. Already registered? No problem! Email [email protected] to claim your $200 registration discount. You will need to provide the name of the registration attendee who you’ll be staying with.