Mindfulness LoungeTM

Mindfulness LoungeTM

Saturday, May 16 – Tuesday, May 19

Back by popular demand, Lee Papa is bringing her Mindfulness LoungeTM to Nashville. Don’t miss these sessions led by this mindfulness speaker, trainer, and author. You’ll be guided through mind-shifting training, relaxation exercises, guided visualization, and different meditations. Understand negativity, self-doubt, and worry and shed those less than optional mind-programs forever. Experience AAPA 2020 like never before!

An Introduction to Mindfulness and Guided Meditation (30 min)

Get a head start on AAPA 2020 by learning foundational information on mindfulness with basic accessible instruction, a sensory experience, and a peaceful guided meditation that is inspiring and rewarding. Lee will use these sessions to guide you through the Roadmap of Living Mindfully, by understanding Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Mastery and setting the intention for exactly what you desire to create during the AAPA 2020.

Waterfall Energy Cleansing Meditation (20 min)

The healing waterfall flows with liquid love from the higher planes and is like no other, as it streams with the colors of the rainbow to wash away energies that no longer serve you. Self-care is the name of the game here at the waterfall. Feel cleansed and invigorated by the experience.

Nourish Yourself by the River Meditation (20 min)

Take a trip to the forest with tall evergreen trees and a huge sky. Beyond the trees is a river like no other. Its purpose is the clear and release energies that are blocking you from your full potential and the highest expression of yourself. Take this trip of clearing negativity, self-doubt and worry as you enjoy the vibrational nourishment.

Journey on a Cloud Meditation (20 min)

In this enjoyable guided meditation, we address the release of worry, pain, and anxiety and observe them from a different perspective as you float high above the illusion on a fluffy cloud to gain understanding. Bring your blanket it gets chilly up there.

Crystal Cave of Rejuvenation Meditation (20 min)

This extraordinary inner-visual experience is a journey to the far reaches of an ancient cave of healing and expansion filled with restorative powers of selenite crystal and thousands of other minerals that your consciousness will choose for your experience to emotional and energetically release and rejuvenate.

The Healing Tree – Self Love Meditation (20 min)

Journey to The Healing Tree while you are guided through this phenomenal visualization and healing meditation. The focus is for clearing away self-doubt, feelings of disconnection and limiting self-beliefs while releasing energy which no longer serves you and connecting and expanding self-love.

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