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Media contacts

Learn more about the profession, connect with a PA leader or schedule an interview with a PA in any location or specialty by contacting AAPA communications staff:

  • Patrick Dunne
    Assistant Director, Communications

  • Jen Beltz
    Vice President, Communications & External Relations


    Watch AAPA President John McGinnity, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, discuss the PA profession on C-SPAN's Washington Journal from Nov. 8, 2014.

    Fact sheets

    Learn more about the PA profession with these fact sheets, or share with others to educate them about PAs.

    Infographic: PAs Practice Medicine 

    This infographic provides a snapshot of the PA profession and how PAs practice medicine.

    Click for a full image.

    PAs Practice Medicine Infographic

    Professional studies and white papers on PAs

    Several healthcare organizations and healthcare provider organizations have released studies and information about team-based care involving PAs.    

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