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Volunteer Opportunities

We want your voice to be heard. That's why we offer a variety of volunteer leadership opportunities – exclusive to AAPA members – that can make an immediate impact on your career. 

Our volunteer engagement structure allows for the creation of a wide variety of task-oriented, high-speed, outcome-focused volunteer opportunities. You will play an integral role in addressing the ever-widening range of issues affecting healthcare and other topics relevant to our Strategic Plan. These opportunities may include task forces, focus groups or expert panels; others may involve individual consultations with PAs and other experts who have experience in a particular healthcare environment or specialty area.

If you have questions about any of these volunteer opportunities or groups, please email

Looking for medical liaisons? All are listed on the Medical Liaison page.  

Wondering who is participating in AAPA's volunteer groups? Take a look at the Volunteer Group Outcomes page.

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Current volunteer opportunities:

  • Governance Commission: AAPA is seeking five PAs to serve on the Governance Commission beginning July 1, 2016. The Governance Commission is responsible for validating election procedures for the Board of Directors and House Officer elections, overseeing constituent organization (CO) compliance, and carrying out other charges as may be directed by the Board of Directors. Deadline to apply is May 1, 2016.

  • Judicial Affairs Commission: AAPA is seeking two PAs to serve on the Judicial Affairs Commission for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2016. The Judicial Affairs Commission is responsible for reviewing AAPA Bylaws, participating in the Five-Year policy review process, reviewing complaints and disciplinary actions against members and taking the appropriate and necessary action, and carrying our other charges as may be directed by the Board of Directors. The deadline to Appy is May 1, 2016.

  • Constituent Relations Work Group (CRWG): If you enjoy working as a team to evaluate policy in considering constituent organization (CO) applications and have an interest in AAPA’s CO community, you are encouraged to apply for appointment to CRWG. The role of CRWG is to review CO applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.  CRWG also provides oversight of Outreach and Advocacy Awards and judges CO entries. CRWG may be called to review other CO related policies, offer feedback and participate in activities as charged by the Board of Directors and/or Governance Commission.  Application closes Friday, April 29, 2016.

  • Online Community Volunteer Group: Are you interested in connecting with other PAs online? If so, we’re seeking student and fellow members to serve as volunteers for Huddle, an exclusive online community to AAPA members. You’ll be tasked with testing out new features, providing feedback, and cultivating conversations with other community members. In this role you will: 

    •     Participate in regular phone calls with AAPA staff and are expected to participate regularly on the member community platform. Time commitment is anticipated to be 1-2 hours per week and the duration of the commitment is July 1, 2016-June 30th, 2017)

  • Commission on Research and Strategic Initiatives: AAPA is seeking three PAs to serve on the Commission on Research and Strategic Initiatives for a two-year term beginning in July 2016. AAPA’s Commission on Research and Strategic Initiatives (RSI) is responsible for facilitating thought leadership about changes in healthcare in support of AAPA’s strategic plan. The deadline to apply is May 1, 2016.

  • Commission on the Health of the Public: The Commission on the Health of the Public is seeking volunteers to serve a two year term (July 1, 2016-June 30, 2018).  The Commission was created to assist AAPA in matters related to areas of health policies, clinical guidelines, health initiatives and health disparities as requested by the Board of Directors. The deadline to apply is May 1, 2016.

  • Subject Matter Expert Database: Are you interested in becoming a subject matter expert (SME) volunteer on behalf of AAPA? If so, we want you as a Volunteer SME Ambassador.
    As an AAPA Volunteer SME Ambassador, you may be asked to represent AAPA on task forces, panels, or at meetings held by federal agencies or other professional organizations. You may be asked to represent the PA profession as important clinical guidelines are analyzed and updated.  Or, you may be called on to inform the organization’s comments and response to an external organization’s request. These opportunities are unpredictable but critical to ensuring the PA voice is represented.  May we rely on your clinical areas of expertise and call on you when opportunities arise? Join this expert group of PA leaders today by submitting your application.

  • Student Volunteer Groups: Check out the Student Academy Volunteer Groups and apply today! Questions? Email
  • PA Research Team Initiative (PARTI): The Research department is seeking practicing PAs, PA educators, PA students and PAs employed in other capacities to participate in the PA Research Team Initiative (PARTI). Each month, PARTI members will receive a survey with about 10 questions. Surveys will be on a wide variety of topics, from day-to-day experiences to opinions about the PA profession. Membership is for one year, after which participants can choose to continue. Membership is entirely voluntary, and members can unsubscribe at any time.

External opportunities

Commissions and work groups

Governance Commission  
Nominating Work Group  
Constituent Relations Work Group  
Judicial Affairs Commission                                       
Commission on Research and Strategic Initiatives 
Commission on Government Relations and Practice Advancement
Commission on Continuing Professional Development and Education    
Commission on the Health of the Public