The Ethical Intersection of Healthcare and Technology

Technology has completely transformed how we work, shop, travel and communicate. It plays a role in nearly every facet of life, and increasingly so in healthcare. Yet, despite the immense impact technology has had on healthcare, some believe the industry has a lot of catching up to do. 

New PAs: Protect Yourself and Impress Your New Employer

The AAPA Salary Report is a must-read for all PAs who want to know what they’re worth in the job market. In fact, it’s a useful tool for employers too. As an AAPA member and recent grad, you may find that you’re worth even more than you think.

The Robot Will See You Now

The robot and its human handlers are part of a new model of care, in which PAs and NPs and a robot provide a 24/7 link to highly specialized critical care physicians, who can log in from anywhere in the country and even the world.


Getting through PA school is a challenge for anyone, and particularly for parents of young children.

PAs are Key to Ortho Urgent Care Model

PA John Mohnickey, a longtime entrepreneur, recognized the need and developed Prompt Ortho. This practice model has been adopted by more than 100 clinics across the United States.

Ready to Intervene

Over the past decade or two, PAs have become a significant and growing force in interventional radiology (IR).

Outside the Clinic

Do you ever wonder about the options for nonclinical employment open to you as a PA? There are many available.