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Student Membership

Student Membership is for students currently enrolled in an ARC-PA accredited program. Just a one-time $75 payment keeps your membership active until you graduate!

Surviving Your Clinical Phase

During Clinical Rotations you will put your theoretical medical knowledge to the test in real-world clinical settings. Under the supervision of a preceptor, you will be placed on health teams in several different medical settings and specialties.

Maxwell Quick Medical Reference

A favorite member benefit of PA students, the Maxwell Quick Medical Reference Guide is our FREE gift to you when you join AAPA.

CO Membership Renewal Script

There are many ways to encourage lapsed members to renew, but one of the more effective methods is through a personal call campaign.

Member Discounts

AAPA members receive exclusive discounts on a variety of clinical tools, career resources, financial offers, insurance, and travel and lifestyle services. Access your special savings today!


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