Fast Facts About Popular Eating Plans

Fast Facts About Popular Eating Plans

From Ketogenic to DASH to Paleo, help your patients understand the benefits and considerations about popular eating plans and what studies are saying about their effectiveness. Provides an in-depth analysis of each plan.

The Power of Proper Nutrition

The Power of Proper Nutrition

Help your patients learn the basics of building a healthy diet, including how much of each food group to include in their daily diet. This two-page brochure also provides tips for making healthy substitutions for snacks that may be sabotaging their weight loss journey.

Nutrition Toolkit

This toolkit seeks to equip PAs across all specialties and settings with the knowledge and skills to effectively address nutrition-related issues in their practice in order to promote optimal health for their patients.

Substance Use Disorder Toolkit

The Substance Use Disorder Toolkit aims to help PAs practicing in all specialties address substance use disorders in their patients by providing tools, resources, and techniques to help identify these disorders, create treatment plans, and provide appropriate patient resources.

Obesity Leadership Edge

Home Obesity Leadership Edge Overview Featured Curriculum Events Obesity Management Program Resources Overview Overweight and obesity compose a chronic disease of epidemic proportions that presents on a continuum, likely affecting nearly two out of every three patients treated by PAs. The effective treatment of overweight and obesity requires an efficient and timely process of screening, […]

Diabetes Toolkit

The Diabetes Toolkit is AAPA's call to action to fight this growing health concern and give you the tools to effectively manage and treat it.

Primary Care Obesity Management Certificate Program

AAPA has collaborated with the world’s leading organization on obesity management, The Obesity Society, and an award-winning educational partner, Integrated Learning Partners, to develop the 2020-2021 Obesity Management in Primary Care Certificate Program designed for PAs and NPs.