AAPA Mutual Engagement Benefit Model for Constituent Organizations

AAPA recognizes the value of collaborative and seamless relationships with our constituent organizations (COs), and in 2013 formalized a mutual benefit engagement model by approving updates to state and federal service charters, and creating new recognition and affiliation agreements as essential CO engagement tools.

Houry Gebeshian: PA School Grad, Surgical PA, and Olympic Gymnast

Houry Gebeshian is a graduate of the Wake Forest PA Program, Surgical PA-C, and Olympic Gymnast competing for the Republic of Armenia. She was kind enough to agree to an interview with the Student Academy of AAPA about her experiences in PA school, surgery, and gymnastics

A Student and the PA Profession: A Love Story

In a very emotional Long White Coat ceremony on May 15th, I said a few words to my graduating class, fully feeling the weight of the past and the hope of the future. I’d now like to share my story with students across the nation, in hopes that they too will follow their hearts in this journey toward a PA life.

State Laws Matter and State Law Matters

June 2015 – Review the presentation provided by the CO Outreach and Advocacy team at AAPA Conference 2015. This session provided an overview on key state law matters, a review of the Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice Act and numerous tips to aid in becoming a stronger PA advocate.