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Hospital Practice

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PAs who practice in hospitals are diverse and highly skilled professionals who work in almost all departments and practice with physicians in every medical and surgical specialty. PAs may be employed by the hospital (or system), medical practices or hospital medicine groups.

PAs are credentialed and privileged through the medical staff process to practice in emergency departments, inpatient services, operating rooms, outpatient units and critical care/intensive care units.

Professional advisory services

Insights, facts and resources to help employers (PDF) integrate PAs into their hospital or health system.

Supervision requirements for hospital practice

State law and hospital policy define the exact requirements for physician supervision. All state laws allow the flexibility of off-site supervision by physicians as long as they are available via telecommunication.

In developing their supervision policies, hospitals must, at a minimum,follow state law and regulations. Hospitals must also consider Joint Commission Standards and Medicare's Conditions of Participation.

Hospital practice guidance documents

Other references

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A brief summary of the new NCCPA certification maintenance requirements, which begin in 2014.

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