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Learn how PAs are reimbursed by public and private payers.

Having accurate information on PA reimbursement and coverage policy is essential. "The Essential Guide to PA Reimbursement" is a one-stop resource for user-friendly explanations of PA reimbursement and coverage policies for PAs, physicians, billers and coders, hospital administrators and others. Find it in AAPA's web store.


If you provide care to Medicare beneficiaries, visit our MACRA FAQs page to find out how the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act will affect your reporting activities and reimbursement.

ICD-10 Preparation Resources

Be prepared for ICD-10. Visit ICD-10 Preparation Resources! Get the answers you are looking for in the ICD-10 FAQs section and find key resources organized by specialty and state.

Reimbursement basics

Get an overview of insurance payment for medical services provided by PAs.

Learn about third-party reimbursement for PAs.

Medicare reimbursement

Get detailed information on Medicare reimbursement and coverage policy rules and regulations for PAs.

More on PA Medicare reimbursement.

Medicaid reimbursement

Get up to speed on PA coverage policy, a list of states in which PAs are enrolled/credentialed and a contact list for each state Medicaid program.

More on PA Medicaid reimbursement.

Private payer reimbursement

Find out about the payment policy and claims submission instructions for PA services from each payer with whom they contract (member login required).

Get payment policy and claims submission instructions.

Workers' compensation

Get an overview of PA coverage policy and a contact list for each state's workers’ compensation program.

See coverage policies and contact list.

Current issues

Catch up on reimbursement and coverage policy issues affecting PAs.

See reimbursement and coverage policy issues.

Please check out our FAQs on the Sustainable Growth Rate Policy.

Calculating PA productivity

Become familiar with the considerations and challenges associated with calculating PA productivity and financial contribution to the practice.

Explore PA productivity.