Brand Your Own CO Career Center

AAPA’s partner, YourMembership, who manages AAPA’s PA JobSource, will build your CO branded career center at no cost to the CO! The center will be integrated into your website and showcase PA jobs in your geographic area or specialty.

Constituent Organizations

Constituent organizations are independent organizations affiliated with AAPA. They provide their members with locally based CME, networking opportunities, social gatherings, timely information, advocacy and job resources.

Is It Time for a Constituent Organization Checkup?

The summer months make us think of annual physicals and sports participation certificates for our children. But what about your constituent organization? Is it healthy and ready to participate in strenuous exercise? Perhaps a constituent organization checkup is in order.

AAPA Mutual Engagement Benefit Model for Constituent Organizations

AAPA recognizes the value of collaborative and seamless relationships with our constituent organizations (COs), and in 2013 formalized a mutual benefit engagement model by approving updates to state and federal service charters, and creating new recognition and affiliation agreements as essential CO engagement tools.