American Academy of Physician Assistants

AAPA National Survey

What is the AAPA National Survey, and what kind of questions does it ask?

The National Survey was conducted from May through August 2015 and was available to anyone who graduated from an accredited PA program or was currently working as a PA in the United States. The focus of the 2015 AAPA National Survey is on disease conditions, prescribing patterns, and understanding a variety of nonclinical issues. 

The results of the 2015 AAPA National Survey will allow AAPA to:

  • Build the case for issues critical to the profession, such as federal funding of PA education and workforce development
  • Strengthen the PA profession through federal and state advocacy
  • Conduct health services research
  • Inform the public of the work PAs do

Where can I find results from the National Survey?

AAPA will integrate the results from the AAPA National Survey into other written materials, communications and presentations.

Results from the last survey, the 2013 Annual Survey, can be found in the Annual Survey Report, which can be accessed for free, or the more extensive 2013 Annual Survey Data Tables.

The Research Archives are the source for the past Census Reports (now called the National Report). The Census Reports date back to as far as 1995.

When will the next National Survey occur?

The next AAPA National Survey will be in the field in 2017.

Questions about the 2015 AAPA National Survey or any of AAPA's past surveys and reports can be sent to