Puerto Rico: The final frontier for PA licensure

Josue Droz, PA-C, always wanted to return home. Born in Puerto Rico, he was a child when his family moved to the continental United States. “It’s always been my heart’s desire to move back here,” he says. So after he became a PA, he joined the movement to bring PA legislation to the island.

New MGMA report on PA & NP utilization released

Healthcare industry influencer Medical Group Management Association recently released a new research report and analysis that found 78 percent of better performing medical practices employ PAs and NPs.

More patients… More complex patients

If it seems like you are seeing more patients these days, and that they have more health problems than they used to, that’s because you probably are. The absolute number of patients seeking care is increasing, and many more patients have multiple chronic conditions than they did a generation, or even a decade, ago.

Major PA Victory in Michigan

PAs in Michigan are applauding the enactment of House Bill 5533, which increases patient access to healthcare by modernizing and updating how PAs practice. Under the new law, physicians within PA-physician healthcare teams will be recognized as participating physicians instead of supervising physicians to better reflect the PA’s and physician’s role within the team.

Lessons From My First Surgical PA Practice

I started PA school believing I wanted to be a primary care provider. Growing up, our pediatrician’s value was worth gold in our family. He was there for every milestone for each sibling. My childhood experiences shaped my young mind into believing I wanted to play the same role in other families.More importantly, he was there for what I like to refer to as “family emergency” situations.

Houry Gebeshian: PA School Grad, Surgical PA, and Olympic Gymnast

Houry Gebeshian is a graduate of the Wake Forest PA Program, Surgical PA-C, and Olympic Gymnast competing for the Republic of Armenia. She was kind enough to agree to an interview with the Student Academy of AAPA about her experiences in PA school, surgery, and gymnastics