A Day in the Life: How PAs Practice

Go Behind the Scenes with Your Fellow PAs

September 25, 2019

PAs practice medicine in every specialty, and in every work setting. While patient care and health outcomes remain the focus no matter where a PA practices, no PA practices exactly the same way as another PA. A work day can vary widely for a PA in a primary care office or a PA in a hospital emergency department. We wanted to get an inside look at what PAs’ practice really looks like, so we went straight to the experts – practicing PAs – and asked them to share details of their jobs.


A Day in the Life of a PA in a Medical ICU

Erin Stutz, PA-C, works in pulmonary critical care in the medical ICU at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). She shares what her days are like, and why Adult Hospital Medicine Boot Camp is worth your time.

A Week in the Life of a PA in Orthopaedics

Daniel Acevedo, a PA in orthopaedics at OrthoVirginia in Lynchburg, Virginia, sees a lot in a typical week: five to seven surgeries, hospital consultations, hip fracture clinics, post-op patients, outpatient procedures at an ambulatory surgery center, and more.

A Day (or Night) in the Life of an Emergency Medicine Fellow

Stephen Lewia, PA-C, has spent the past few months as a Vituity Emergency Medicine PA Fellow at Arrowhead Medical Center in Colton, California. He shares his insights about balancing life with being a new PA.

A Day in the Life of a Cardiology PA

Cardiology PA Michael G. Clark is part of a large cardiology practice near Fort Worth, Texas. He describes a day in his busy practice in clinic and at the hospital and discusses how the practice has changed.

A Day in the Life of a Critical Care Fellow at URMC

Glenna Regan, PA-C, decided to apply for an APP Fellowship Program in Critical Care Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center. She describes her decision to apply for the fellowship and what a day at the medical center looks like.

A Day in the Life of a PA in Orthopaedics

Travis Randolph, PA-C, practices orthopaedics and is the Clinical Director of Sports Medicine at West Virginia University. In a day, he sees it all – surgery, MRIs, sutures, and more.

A Day in the Life of a PA Surgical Resident

PA Kimberly Mackey says choosing to complete the Norwalk/Yale post-graduate residency program is by far the best thing she has done for her career. She was exposed to surgical sub-specialties including trauma and had daily first-assistant opportunities in the operating room.

A Day in the Life of a PA in Hospital Medicine

Hospitals are one of PAs’ largest employer groups, and hospital medicine is an ever-changing practice setting. Learn about one hospital internal medicine PA’s daily routine.

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