“Your PA Can” Ad Resources Now Available in Spanish

Messages Remind People of Value of Profession

December 21, 2018

Earlier this year, AAPA announced the rollout of a new suite of print and digital advertisements to raise awareness and understanding of the PA profession. Now, those ads are also available in Spanish.

AAPA members can access the new Spanish-language materials here.

These materials were created for AAPA constituent organizations to use as part of outreach activities.

Just What the PA Ordered ad in Spanish


The ads were created in partnership with Red Deluxe, an agency in Memphis, Tennessee. The Spanish-language materials were reviewed by our colleagues in the PAs for Latino Health Caucus. AAPA is already working with a number of constituent organizations on how to best use these ads to meet their objectives.

The full suite of advertisements is available for AAPA members here.

For questions, please contact [email protected].

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