All of Us Looking for One Million Patients as Partners

PAs Can Help Build National Research Participant Group

May 17, 2018

The All of Us Research Program, a key element of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Precision Medicine Initiative, launched May 6 with the goal of enrolling more than one million participants.

All of Us is looking for individual volunteers over age 18 living in the U.S. to participate in surveys, share access to electronic health records, and/or visit a partner center to provide physical data. All of Us promises participants that they will have a chance to fight disease; learn about their own health; access their own data; ensure that their community is included; be able to learn about additional research opportunities; and meet others like themselves.

With the rich set of data anticipated from the program, healthcare providers including PAs will be able to provide more effective treatment and care for patients; share electronic health records; and gain new knowledge on health disparities.

According to All of Us, “The whole idea of precision medicine is to be able to use individual differences to tailor preventative care that [patients] receive…[It will] enable customized, targeted care based on as much data as we can get on an individual…[it is exciting to have] a million people in the cohort; it gives us the ability to look at not just common diseases but rare diseases…the more diverse representation we have, the better outcomes we’ll be able to bring back to the public…with all of the information that we’re going to garner from this study, it is going to help with prevention; prevention is the key to longevity.”

All of Us seeks to extend precision medicine to all diseases by building a national research cohort of one million U.S. participants. Precision medicine is a new approach that reflects variables in environment, lifestyle, and biology and hopes to produce more accurate diagnoses for individualized care.

With its mission to accelerate health research and enable individualized prevention, treatment, and care, All of Us is open to all interested and intends to reflect diversity. The participants will have access to their information and the data will be accessed broadly for research purposes.  Protection of the data is a top priority of the project.

There are free, downloadable resources that PAs can share with patients here. Participants can enroll here.