The Power of PA Connections

PA Meet-Ups Give PAs the Chance to Bond with Peers

April 27, 2018

By Abby Boshart

Making connections is in the PA DNA. As collaborative providers, PAs are team players with strong connections to physicians and other clinical professionals on healthcare teams. They also have a deep and abiding connection with their patients, but the connections don’t stop there.

PAs connect with each other, creating a community of knowledge and support.

During AAPA18, you will have the opportunity to create a community of your own at PA Meet-Ups.

“Building a network of peers in an important part of your professional and personal growth,” said Karen Burnett, senior director of conference & meetings at AAPA. “They will provide you with guidance and encouragement as you advance your career.”

Burnett and her team were responsible for bringing this new feature to AAPA18 and are already planning exciting Meet-Ups for AAPA19 in Denver, Co.

On Friday, May 18th, the Meet-Ups event will feature ten different round table discussions ranging from professional to personal topics. You’ll get the chance to connect with thousands of PAs from across the country, while deliberating the future of the profession or chatting about how find that work-life balance.

These topics were hand selected by PAs to promote engaging dialogue and forge bonds among those in attendance.

On Saturday, May 19th, you’ll get the chance to experience a fun night in New Orleans while making new connections. The Meetings team has organized events at five different venues across the city, each designed to give you the real NOLA experience and bond you with your fellow PAs.

There are so many activities to choose from ranging from grabbing a coffee, wine tasting or competing against your new friends in some classic arcade games.

We know that you will create a community of your own at AAPA18. You can make meeting up at AAPA conference your own tradition.

Register today to secure your spot. The connections you make here will make all the difference.

Abby Boshart is AAPA’s communications coordinator. Contact her at [email protected].