NCCPA hires lobbyists in two additional states

May 4, 2017

Despite feedback from PAs and constituent organizations across the country in recent weeks, the National Commission on Certification of PAs (NCCPA) is continuing its harmful efforts by hiring lobbyists in two additional states, Missouri and Ohio, bringing the total number of states where they are active to five.

AAPA is monitoring the state registration of lobbyists and has reached out to both the Missouri and Ohio state PA chapters alerting them to this recent development.

While the Missouri legislature is about to adjourn, Ohio’s legislative session meets year-round. Both these states are two of the 19 states where NCCPA recertification is required for maintenance of licensure.

In Illinois, NCCPA jeopardized the ability of PAs to practice in the state, and in New Mexico and West Virginia, they put improvements to PA Practice at risk. AAPA continues to work closely with the affected chapters, developing legislative strategies; drafting rebuttals, talking points, and letters of support; op-eds and press releases; and sending out legislative action alerts.

Since AAPA President and Chair Josanne Pagel, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA, encouraged PAs to contact NCCPA leadership on April 13, NCCPA has deleted negative Facebook reviews and has blocked PAs from their page for simply sharing their opinions.

The North Carolina Academy of PAs also wrote to all constituent organizations this week encouraging them to send letters to NCCPA commissioners who are meeting this week at a scheduled board meeting. Thus far, PAs in Legal Medicine, the Iowa Society of PAs, and the Michigan Academy of PAs (MAPA), have all sent letters expressing concerns.

R. David Doan III, MS, PA-C, President of MAPA said in a letter to NCCPA Chair Mary Warner:

“We have been following the actions of the NCCPA in other states and we are surprised and offended by the reach and audacity with your NCCPA-centric agenda. This unprofessional effort has risked the credibility of the NCCPA in the eyes of PAs nationwide as it appears NCCPA has lost sight of their own purpose and passion.”

Contrary to NCCPA’s claims, there is no evidence that recertification testing improves quality of care or patient safety. As a result, AAPA has consistently opposed statutory requirements for PAs to take NCCPA recertification tests for license renewal. In fact, 31 states and D.C. do not link PA recertification and licensure.

What can you do?  

  • Drop by the NCCPA booth at AAPA 2017 in the exhibit hall and share your thoughts about its lobbying.
  • Register here for an update at AAPA 2017 on the feasibility of starting an alternative certifying organization, which was previously discussed at AAPA’s Leadership and Advocacy Summit.
  • Contact NCCPA leaders at [email protected] or (678) 417-8100 and demand that NCCPA stop the lobbying that is so harmful to PAs and patients.