Forbes: PAs and NPs are fundamental to America’s healthcare future

March 18, 2017

Jacquelyn Corley, MD, a neurological surgery resident at Duke University Medical Center, and human rights journalist focusing on healthcare topics, wrote an Op-Ed on how PAs and NPs are fundamental a healthcare providers, medical educators, mentors, clinical and basic science researchers and more. She writes:

Somewhere in the hospital, an alarm goes off. A panicked crowd begins to form inside a patient’s room, where a monitor reveals a flat line and a woman lies equally still on a bed. In moments, a gentleman wearing a long white coat and bearing a stethoscope around his neck enters the room and begins the code. He is the conductor in a symphony of moving parts: chest compressions, intravenous access, medication administration, rescue breaths, then repeat. Eventually, with a team of medical providers eagerly watching at his side, he stabilizes the patient and transfers her to the intensive care unit.

While onlookers might assume the patient owed her life to a doctor, the monogrammed letters above the provider’s coat pocket reveal a different truth: “Physician Assistant.”