5 Fabulous Apps for PA Students

by Madeline Glasser

Mar 8, 2016

It’s no secret that we live in a technologically driven society these days and I am no exception. As I geared up to begin clinical rotations one year ago one of the first things I did was research the best apps for medical professionals and promptly downloaded them to my iPhone. Over the last year I have added and deleted various applications as well as polled my friends and colleagues about what their favorites were. Today I want to share 5 that should help make your clinical rotations a little easier.

Medscape (free).  Medscape is a great application for a number of reasons. First, it provides you with information about disease processes including history, presentation, work-up, and treatment options. Second, there is a large database of pharmacotherapeutics that you can utilize with dosage information, indications, cautions, interactions, and more.  Finally, there is a large amount of educational material put out as well as educational quizzes that can be emailed to you.

Calculate by QxMD (free).  This was a top-rated application for internal medicine due to the fact that it contains 150 medical calculators and other decision support tools. The app utilizes a “question-flow” pattern to navigate the various calculators that is intuitive to use.

EMRA ABx ($16.99).  The EMRA Abx application is put out by the Emergency Medicine Resident’s Association and is a great application to help determine which antibiotic to use. It is organized by organ system, diagnosis, or organism and is very easy to navigate. This app is great for a variety of clinical settings.

Lab Values+ ($2.99).  Lab Values+ is a great tool to quickly reference normal values for labs as well as develop a differential for abnormal lab values.

Epocrates (Free).  Epocrates is another well-reviewed drug reference. It provides dosage information, interactions, recommended, guidelines, and also medical calculators.

Before you start your clinical rotations make sure you outfit your smart phone with the best applications! If you have a favorite application we would love to hear about it.

About the Author
Madeline Glasser is a PA-S2 gearing up for graduation at the end of March 2016 and ready to begin a career in family medicine and urgent care. Besides being a (almost) PA she is also a military wife and mom to two girls, ages 4 and 2. She is passionate about furthering the PA career and loves encouraging other parents out there to chase their dreams. She serves as a mentor and coach for pre-PA students through the company PA Trek. For fun she enjoys lifting heavy things, playing with her kids and dogs, and drinking coffee while online shopping.