Turning the Last Lap of Rotations: From PA-S to PA-C

By Alexa Llewellyn, PA-S

Feb. 9, 2016

So many exciting things have happened since my last entry which is making finding the time to sit and study even more difficult! Since my last entry, I have officially accepted my first PA position in Occupational Medicine and begun the grueling process of reading and signing various paperwork for employment. I had actually received two job offers with the same medical group at two different campuses in my hometown. The other position was in Hospital Medicine at the same hospital where I was actually a Nurse Aide prior to starting PA school. Making my decision was difficult, and while I feel that I would excel in both positions, I chose the Occupational Medicine position because it offered an excellent salary, incredibly flexible work-life balance and I favored the type of work over the hospitalist position. I wanted my first PA position to be in primary care, and I am fortunate to have accepted a position that will not only allow me to work in primary medicine where I will be able to have continuity of care with my patients, but I will also be able to treat acute conditions like work related injuries. I also like that I will be challenged with keeping central Pennsylvania’s employees safe and healthy to work!

The weekend before last, my fiancé and I finally moved into our new apartment in our hometown and the following Monday I had the opportunity to spend the day shadowing at my future work site! I got to work closely with my primary supervising physician which was a very pleasant experience! She and I actually have a lot in common and tend to laugh at the same dorky “not-so-funny” jokes. I also felt incredibly welcomed by the tight-knit staff and already made to feel like a member of their family! It also FINALLY hit me that I am in that “PA-S soon-to-be PA-C” point in my career when my supervising doc introduced me to her patients as “their new physician assistant!” If that’s not enough motivation to pass the boards, then I don’t know what is!

I’m now back in Pittsburgh finishing up my FINAL week of my last rotation in behavioral health. This Friday, I return to campus to take my End of Rotation (EOR) exam and OSCE and then it’s HOME FREE! Well not really, because then I’ll really need to buckle down and study for the PANCE! Only 19 days to go!

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