AAPA Media Training Benefits

As a PA, you are a trusted voice in your community. Media outlets often look to experts, such as yourself, to educate their audiences on important healthcare issues and trends. As a reliable source for your local media, you also have an opportunity to highlight how essential PAs are to increased access to high-quality, patient centered healthcare.

Fellow Premium members have access to the following resources as part of their membership. These tools are designed to help you gain a better understanding of how the media operates and to develop your media engagement skills to work successfully with your local or state media.

On-Demand Media Training

In-Person Media Trainings

In 2022, on-site media training will be held in May at AAPA 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and in September at AAPA’s Leadership and Advocacy Summit (LAS) in Arlington, Virginia.

For more information and to sign up for training for AAPA 2022, please contact Jenni Roberson, AAPA director of media relations by April 29, 2022.