CME Accreditation Volunteer Reviewers

The AAPA CME Accreditation team is seeking multiple PAs to join the first annual group of volunteer reviewers. The opportunity will allow PAs step into the world of continuing medical education (CME) and accreditation by directly taking part in reviewing applications submitted to AAPA. Volunteers will train in the AAPA review system and guidelines as well as in the ACCME standards for integrity and independence. At the conclusion of their term, reviewers will be well suited to become senior reviewers for AAPA, to lead CME development in their state and specialty organizations, or learn more about working with ACCME or ARC-PA as professional reviewers. The one-year term runs July 2024 to July 2025 and will require an asynchronous 2-3 hour commitment per month. CME will be made available to reviews.


The deadline to apply is Sunday, June 30. APPLY NOW.