Yes, I Scan: Inaugural Ultrasound Student Workshop and Competition

9:00 am - 4:00 pm May 21, 2018

New this year! The inaugural Yes, I Scan competition will feature student teams showing off their ultrasound skills across a variety of clinical circumstances. Come see the difference that point-of-care-ultrasound can make in your practice and, while you’re at it, join the pros in the hands-on ultrasound bullpen to see how easy it is to obtain, interpret, and implement ultrasound into your clinical practice. Plus, program directors and faculty can come learn how to incorporate ultrasound into your PA school curriculum.

Register your student team now!

If a team does not already have a mentor, they will be assigned mentors prior to the event.  Access to a free text ultrasound ebook and didactic study materials like videos and web-based content will also be provided to participants.

Interested in being a volunteer model patient for the ultrasound? Sign up today.

Volunteer mentors, email


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