• Constituent Organization Resources

    We're proud to partner with 111 individual COs and offer resources to grow membership, manage organizations and advocate for PAs. With the resources on this page, COs can improve organizational practices and operations, and at the same time enhance programs and services delivered to members.

    AAPA’s Constituent Organization Advocacy and Outreach team is here to support CO leaders in building strong organizations and effective PA advocates.

    Constituent organization (CO) resources are organized into the following categories:

      Staying Up to Date

    • AAPA House of Delegates Designation Form
    • Check Status of Constituent Organization Officers
    • COnnections e-Newsletter
    • Constituent Organization Leader Roundtable Conference Calls
    • Constituent Organization News Page
    • Constituent Organization Officer Update and Delegate Designation Form

    This online feature allows CO leaders to confirm that all CO officers are AAPA fellow members by viewing individual membership expiration dates. AAPA policy requires all CO officers to be AAPA fellow members (AAPA website login credentials are required to view). Leader names on this page are populated from information provided on the annual CO Update form. If the update form was timely submitted, and you believe status information is in error, please contact coadministrator@aapa.org.

    COnnections is a monthly e-newsletter for constituent organization leaders. It provides time-saving organizational resources and information to make your volunteer leadership experience successful while keeping you up to date on best practices within the nonprofit industry. Access previous issues of COnnections

    Each quarter, AAPA hosts a Constituent Organization (CO) Leader Roundtable. All CO leaders, including board members, committee members, delegates and staff are invited to participate.

    Make sure you update your organization’s contact information often so that you receive current publications, information, communications and resources.

    Access key highlights, updates and breaking news at the CO News page.

    Your constituent organization must complete this form once a year when new officers are elected. The information from this form allows us to engage with constituent organization leaders and provide individual CO resources. Update forms are due to AAPA by the 15th of the month in which leadership terms begin, even if specific officer terms extend past one year.

    Without current leadership information on file, we may not be able to verify leaders’ AAPA member status, which could impact the CO’s participation in the House of Delegates.

    Please email any leadership changes occurring throughout the year.

  •   Awards

    • Outreach and Advocacy Awards
    AAPA recognizes outstanding constituent organization (CO) programs and projects through the annual Outreach and Advocacy Awards. All AAPA constituent organizations are eligible to participate. Learn more.
  •   Continuing Medical Education

    • AAPA Constituent Organization CME Planning Toolkit
    • Tips for Incorporating Self-Assessment CME into an In-Person Meeting

    CO CME providers will benefit from the practical information provided in this CME Planning Toolkit.

    Is your CO being innovative in response to new performance improvement (PI) and self-assessment (SA) CME requirements? Read more.

  •   Programs and Events

    • AAPA 2017 - Las Vegas
    • Advertising Opportunities
    • Board/Staff Travel Program
    • Clinical Case Challenge Series (formerly Chapter Lecture Series)
    • Leadership and Advocacy Summit 2017

    Complete CO Event Request Form: Complete this form to request complimentary meeting space for your CO event. A member of the Meetings team will contact you to finalize your event details.


    You may purchase advertisements for inclusion in PA Professional, the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA) or on the AAPA website. Contact us for more details about ordering.

    You may also purchase advertisements in Medical Watch at a 10 percent discount by directly contacting:

    Geoffrey Forneret
    Director, MultiBriefs Advertising

    Invite an AAPA board member or CEO to attend, speak or present at your upcoming event by completing our online application form. To request an AAPA staff member, please contact the individual staff member directly.

    The Clinical Case Challenge Series program provides your chapter with the opportunity to have one speaker on a current topic. Each lecture will be fully funded by AAPA. All speaker expenses, including travel, honoraria, hotel and meals, are covered by the Academy.

    Contact us for more information about current program offerings.

    The 2017 Leadership and Advocacy Summit, March 4-5 in Arlington, VA, provides a unique opportunity to exercise PA thought leadership skills. Join PAs and future PAs to discuss full practice authority and responsibility, recertification, and strategies for bold and successful advocacy. Register now

  •   Organizational Management

    • Constituent Organization Election Guidance
    • Constituent Organization Development Guide
    • Constituent Organization Insurance Program
    • Emergency Succession Planning
    • Integrating Policies and Procedures into Organizational Bylaws
    • Membership Overview - State Chapters
    • Tips for a Successful Meeting
    • Working with an association management company (AMC)

    For guidance in conducting a CO election of AAPA delegates, please review this resource.

    The Constituent Organization Development Guide is AAPA's comprehensive resource for CO information. The guide offers a recommended approach to formalizing your CO's mission, outlines best practices and contains additional resources to meet your CO's goals. The guide is complimentary to AAPA members.

    Compliance Guide for Tax Exempt Organizations (Other than 501c3 Organizations)
    Provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), this brochure provides guidance on activities that may jeopardize exempt status; related federal information; tax returns or notices that must be filed; recordkeeping; changes to be reported to the IRS; required public disclosures and resources for tax-exempt organization.

    AAPA is pleased to continue offering a discounted CO insurance program through Novick Group to help you protect your organization. Last year’s discounted rates for Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability coverage and General Liability (GL) coverage remain unchanged for the standard coverage period of April 1, 2015 – April 1, 2016 making the offer an excellent value. To obtain coverage, please complete the enrollment/ renewal form.

    Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O) protects CO leaders against allegations of wrongdoing related to the performance of their duties on behalf of the organization.

    Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) protects the organization against claims involving bodily injury or property damage. For most nonprofit organizations, CGL coverage is largely related to the use and occupancy of space. Examples of spaces covered include an organization’s offices and hotels or convention centers used to host meetings.

    If you have questions about the program, please email Tammy Amorieill, Novick Group Customer Service Representative, or call 301-795-6600. You may also contact Penny Gaillard, AAPA Director, Constituent Organization Outreach and Advocacy.

    What would your constituent organization do in the event of a temporary or extended absence of the executive director? Make plans today for an unexpected occurrence by developing an emergency succession plan. You may download an emergency succession plan template for reference. Our CO staff members are also available to help you with unique situations and custom language.

    Don’t jeopardize your tax-exemption status by letting the small details go unchecked. Governance requirements of a tax-exempt organization may seem daunting at times, but properly structured bylaws provide a solid foundation.

    Use this bylaws assessment to determine whether your bylaws contain key policy provisions. If applicable, use the sample language provided to amend bylaws and build a solid governance framework.

    This resource provides an analysis of AAPA’s constituent state chapters by fellow membership size, fellow membership dues rates, dues based on chapter size and dues based on region. This tool will help you assess your CO’s dues rates and is not meant to recommend or encourage specific fees.


    Meetings require an investment of time, energy and finances. This resource provides tips for pre-meeting preparations, meeting principles, the role of a facilitator and a sample agenda. Make the most of your volunteer investment through well-planned organizational meetings.

    Association management companies (AMC) are available to offer various levels of support to constituent organizations on a contract basis.

    Association management companies (AMC) are available to offer various levels of support to constituent organizations on a contract basis. If you wish to contract with an AMC, establish clear expectations of the scope of services and outline key attributes of the arrangement. This process can be best accomplished through a formal request for proposal (RFP) process.

  •   Solid Financial Practices

    • Budgeting Basics
    • Federal Tax Exemption Information for Constituent Organizations

    Treasurers or CO leaders can use our budgeting basics for valuable ratio information and other content to help them make financial decisions.

    Many AAPA constituent organizations meet the requirements of Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)6 and are exempt from federal income tax as “business leagues.” Consult this guide for the IRS documents most organizations need.

  •   Marketing and Communications

    • AAPA Fact Sheets
    • CME Program Announcements
    • e-Blast Your Legislative or Regulatory Message
    • PA Communications Guide
    • Photo Archive
    • Request PA Information List from AAPA
    • Share this AAPA Banner
    • PA JobSource
    • Tips for Sending Bulk Email and Selecting a Bulk Email Service Provider

    We maintain updated fact sheets about AAPA, PAs and vital statistics. The fact sheets are available for you to print and distribute at events or in clinical practices. Contact coadministrator@aapa.org for more details.

    Constituent organizations receive complimentary marketing of CME events by posting announcements on the CME calendar. Submit your conference information and take advantage of this powerful marketing opportunity.

    Use the CapWiz system to e-blast your legislative or regulatory message to AAPA's masterfile of graduate PAs and/or PA students within a defined state or legislative district. A designated member of the Constituent Organization Outreach and Advocacy (COOA) team will work with CO leaders to develop the message and provide a complimentary e-blast to the designated group. When you need an urgent message calling your grassroots advocates to action, the CapWiz system and COOA team stand ready to assist.


    Western Region Keisha Pitts   571-319-4357
    North Central Region Adam Peer   571-319-4314
    South Central Region Adam Peer   571-319-4314
    Northeast Region Carson Walker   571-319-4316
    Southeast Region Stephanie Radix   571-319-4355
    Specialty Organizations Rick Christiansen   571-319-4428
    Caucuses Penny Gaillard   571-319-4434

    As the PA profession evolves, so does the language used to talk about it. Access this useful Guide for Writing and Talking about PAs for how to communicate about the profession in a way that reflects the realities of modern PA practice.

    We offer marketing and stock photos to constituent organizations. The images can be used on a website or in publications. Contact coadministrator@aapa.org for more information.

    Effective Jan. 1, 2015, the AAPA Board of Directors approved a new policy to share information with constituent organizations. COs may request information from AAPA's masterfile to email, or use USPS addresses to mail your message. Access the information request form.


    Display this AAPA banner by adding it to your website! Copy and paste this code into the HTML of your homepage:

    <a target="_blank" title="aapa-cor-banner" href="http://www.aapa.org/join"><img alt="aapa-cor-banner" src="https://www.aapa.org/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=2147486709" /></a>

    Connect with thousands of career opportunities on PA JobSource. To learn how your constituent organization can use PA JobSource, contact coadministrator@aapa.org.

    There are many laws and best practices wrapped up in member and non-member communications. Read more about how to make your message more effective and review a list of bulk email service providers.

  •   Advocacy

    • Capitol Hill Visits
    • MinuteClinic Interview
    • Reimbursement Assistance
    • State Advocacy Center
    • State Practice Profiles

    Chapters or specialty organizations hosting CME events and conferences in the Washington, D.C., metro area can coordinate with AAPA’s federal advocacy team to plan a Capitol Hill visit. PAs meet with their elected politicians and provide updates on major Academy initiatives to advance the PA profession. Contact Kristin Butterfield, AAPA director of grassroots and political advocacy, for more details about planning your Capitol Hill visit in conjunction with your educational event.

    May 2015 interview between MinuteClinic healthcare providers Matthew Rudberg, MMS, PA-C, and Angela Patterson, NP.

    Our information on Medicare, Medicaid, private payer and workers' compensation reimbursement policy helps members answer questions and can be added to constituent organization websites. Visit the reimbursement portion of our website for more information.

    Our state advocacy center assists state chapter leaders with state and local advocacy issues. We provide legislation monitoring assistance, and draft testimony and multiple advocacy publications. Learn how we can help.

    Use this resource to find state-specific numbers on practicing PAs, categorized by specialty and number of visits per week.