American Academy of Physician Assistants

National Health Quality Initiatives

AAPA strives to keep PAs at the forefront of key health issues in America today, especially with the passing of the Affordable Care Act. We keep you up to date on the latest policies, how to care for our service members and help them transition back into civilian life, and the newest research on critical chronic health issues, like cardiac health and diabetes. Below are the current health initiatives for AAPA.

CO*RE Educational Initiative

AAPA plays a critical role in an exciting and far-reaching response to the FDA's extended-release/long-acting opioid Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) educational requirement.

Diabetes Leadership Edge

AAPA has launched a nationwide initiative, the Diabetes Leadership Edge. The Diabetes Leadership Edge is a call to action by the Academy to address this growing epidemic. It gives PAs the resources to become expert care providers in diabetes and keep patients on track with their treatment. Armed with these resources, PAs can become the go-to providers on diabetes and elevate their value to their practices and patient.

Obesity Leadership Edge

Overweight and obesity compose a chronic disease process of epidemic proportions that prevents on a continuum, likely affecting nearly two out of every three patients treated by PAs. The Obesity Leadership Edge is a call to action for PAs to be able to diagnose and treat overweight and obese patients regardless of practice setting and across the spectrum of the disease and patient's age. 

Preventative Services

AAPA brings you information about the US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations. Preventing illness is one of the most important things that PAs do to promote the health of their patients.

Smiles for Life (oral health)

Oral health is a vital component of preventive medicine. Taking the time to address oral health and deliver patient oral health education can have a long-lasting impact on a patient’s health and well-being — and PAs can play a key role in this initiative.