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    The AAPA Category 1 CME approval logo and language let PAs know the activity is appropriate for the PA learner and will count toward their CME requirements for national certification and state licensure. Requesting AAPA Category 1 CME credit is a great way to add value to your PA activities!

    General Guidelines for AAPA CME Approval

    • You must follow AAPA's CME standards (PDF).  
    • AAPA credit is based on clock hours, rounded to the nearest quarter hour.
    • Programs are approved for one year from the activity start date. You can present exact replications during the following 12 months if the content doesn't change.
    • We do not accept retroactive CME applications.
    • Your follow-up material must include summary of evaluation forms and a participant list.

    Language to Use Prior to AAPA CME Approval

    Many CME providers announce an upcoming conference long before CME approval is granted. You may not publish final approval language and you may not use AAPA CME logos until you have received approval notification from AAPA. Doing so may result in denial of credit. However, you may publish the following three sentences before receiving approval of Category 1 CME credit.  

    "This program is not yet approved for CME credit. Conference organizers plan to request ____ AAPA Category 1 CME credits from the Physician Assistant Review Panel. Total number of approved credits yet to be determined."

    You may not use the above statement prior to approval of AAPA Category 1 Self-assessment credit or AAPA Category 1 Performance Improvement credit.

    Guidelines for Activities Already Designated for Physician CME Credit by ACCME, AAFP and AOA

    Organizations that award Category 1 or Prescribed CME credit for physicians have several options for announcing their programs to PAs.

    1. Proceed as usual to use your standard accreditation language in your promotional materials. PAs generally know that programs carrying these three types of credit are acceptable towards the PA Category 1 CME requirement.

    2. Publish one of the following statements:

    If your program is already designated for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™

    AAPA accepts certificates of participation for educational activities certified for AMAPRA Category 1 Credit™ from organizations accredited by ACCME or a recognized state medical society. PAs may receive a maximum of XX Category 1 credits for completing this activity.

    If your program is already designated for AOA Category 1A Credit

    AAPA accepts certificates of participation for educational activities certified for AOA Category 1A Credit. PAs may receive a maximum of  XX Category 1 credits for completing this activity.

    If your program is already designated for AAFP Prescribed Credit

    AAPA accepts certificates of participation for educational activities certified for AAFP Prescribed Credit. PAs may receive a maximum of XX Category 1 credits for completing this activity.


    • Requests must be submitted 21 days in advance of the activity start date for normal processing. Requests submitted less than 21 days in advance of the activity start date are subject to rush fees.
    • We do not accept requests less than seven days in advance of the event/activity date.  
    • Requests for credit submitted after an event has occurred will be rejected.
    • You may not use AAPA Category 1 CME credit logos in your marketing until/unless your activity is approved. 
    • Please allow three weeks for us to review your application under standard processing and up to seven days for rush processing.

      Application Fees

      Fees for the most common request types are found here:

        AAPA Accreditation Fees (PDF) 
        A few additional request types have flat fees:

        Quality Improvement for Hospitals and Health Systems - $250
        Regularly Scheduled Series - $500
        Clinical Preceptors - $200

        Rush Fees

        AAPA provides the option of rush processing of CME accreditation requests. Rush fees apply to any CME application submitted 21 days or less in advance of the activity start date.  

        • Tier 1: $100
        • Tier 2: $100
        • Tier 3: $200
        • Tier 4: $750

         Pricing Tiers


        • Tier 1 - Constituent Organizations
        • AAPA Constituent Organizations are independent organizations that are officially chartered or recognized by AAPA. Constituent Organizations, including the following, are eligible for Tier 1 fees:
          ·    PA state chapters
          ·    PA specialty organizations
          ·    PA caucuses
          ·    PA special interest groups
          ·    Regional CME groups who have signed affiliation agreements with a PA state chapter or specialty organization.

        • Tier 2 - PA Programs
        • PA programs are accredited by the independent Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). Only ARC-PA accredited PA programs are eligible for Tier 2 fees. 

        • Tier 3 - Duty of Care, Government, Academic, Military, and Professional Associations
        • Duty of Care organizations are defined as those organizations whose staff are responsible for the provision of care to the public or their employees. It is assumed that these organizations provide education in an attempt to increase the skills and knowledge of their employees or members and not primarily to make a financial profit. Organizations qualifying for tier 3 fees include:

          ·    Hospitals, Health Systems, Clinics, or Private Practices whose primary target audience are their own professional staff
          ·    Government organizations or agencies
          ·    Academic institutions       
          ·    Military training programs
          ·    Professional associations whose primary target audience are their professional members
          ·    Other organizations whose primary target audience are their own professional staff or members

        • Tier 4 - All other organizations
        • All other organizations that do not fit the descriptions in tiers 1-3 will be subject to tier 4 fees. Tier 4 organizations include:
          ·    Medical Education Companies
          ·    Communications Companies
          ·    Other organizations who do not qualify for tiers 1-3  


        CME applications are completed entirely online in four easy steps:

        1. Click the "Apply" button on this page to begin a new request. If you've never submitted a request to AAPA before, click the "register" button to set-up an account.
        2. (For returning users) Check that your contact information is up-to-date by clicking the Profile link at top right.
        3. Click "New request" and fill out the online application to submit your CME activity for review by the AAPA Review Panel.  As the last step in the process, you may pay the application fee by credit card (recommended.)  Alternatively, you may choose the "pay by check" radio button to mail us a check, but we will not begin reviewing your application until we receive payment.
        4. If the reviewer requires more information or your application is incomplete, you will receive a request for more information via email.  If approved, you will receive a Letter of Agreement via email that contains links to the AAPA Category 1 CME credit logos and a sample certificate of completion.
        5. It is your responsibility to produce and distribute certificates of completion to those who complete your activity.
        6. After completion of your activity, you will receive an email reminder to return to AAPA's request management system to complete the reconciliation process within 90 days of the last instance of your activity.  This entails entering basic data as to how many people completed the activity (how many were PAs, NPs, MDs, other) and uploading attendance lists and a summary of the evaluations received.