American Academy of Physician Assistants

Interviewing and Contracts


Use these resources to help you get ready for interviewing and contract negotiations.


Get information about how to prepare for a PA job interview (PDF) and what questions should be off-limits. Learn what key points to cover, how to sell your skills and ways to learn more about the job.

About contracts

Learn the parts of a contract and what essential topics all contracts should cover.

Negotiating your contract

Protect yourself personally, professionally and financially – know how to negotiate your contract. Need help? Get personalized career and contract assistance from PA Career Coach – AAPA members save up to 25 percent.

Sample documents

To help you get started, you can link to:

A sample cover letter (PDF)

A sample résumé (PDF)

Salary Report

Know your worth. Review AAPA’s Salary Report, a comprehensive guide about current PA compensation and benefits.