AAPA Reimbursement Resources

By Trevor Simon

AAPA offers numerous reimbursement resources to its members, as well as to employers and others interested in PA payment and coverage information. These resources include the for-purchase  e-publication “The Essential Guide to PA  Reimbursement,” presentations at state and national PA conferences, and the availability of the AAPA reimbursement department staff. However, there’s another convenient resource that contains a great deal of reimbursement information that you may not be aware was readily available: the AAPA website.

For those interested in utilizing AAPA’s website to a greater extent, we will highlight many of the reimbursement-focused resources available here. Some are available to the general public, while others are for the use of members only.

To begin, start at AAPA’s home page. From there, click Advocacy Central (top right), which will produce a dropdown menu. To find the AAPA reimbursement-related resources, click on the word Reimbursement.

This section contains many of the reimbursement resources available from AAPA. It includes links to:

■ Where you can purchase The Essential Guide to PA Reimbursement,” an extensive explanation of PA policies across various payers and circumstances

■ Reimbursement Basics: An AAPA issue brief that provides an introduction to the issue of PA reimbursement

■ Medicare Reimbursement: A Medicare Resources page with issue briefs on topics such as “incident to,” shared visit billing, use of scribes, PECOS enrollment, Medicare qualifications and coverage of services, preventive services, durable medical equipment, first assisting at surgery, pre-op history and physical examination, home health, diagnostic tests and the EHR incentive program

■ Medicaid Reimbursement: A page with background on the Medicaid program and PA coverage

■ Private Payer Reimbursement: An issue brief on third-party payer policy for PAs

■ Workers Compensation: A page with background on workers’ compensation and PA coverage

■ Current Issues: A page containing updates, issue briefs and regulatory comments, as well as an FAQ on the repeal of the sustainable growth rate system

■ Calculating PA Productivity: An issue brief on the measurement of productivity and its relationship with compensation

In addition to those resources found on the Reimbursement page, useful reimbursement information can be found under other Advocacy subsections. By clicking on Healthcare Reform, you will be brought to a page with information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). From here, and using the links now on the left side of the page, you can explore pages that provide background on the law, information on how health reform directly affects PAs, and resources that may be useful in learning more about the ACA.

Finally, another source of information on reimbursement policies can be found by going to Advocacy and then clicking on Federal. Once here, click on Regulatory Advocacy. This will bring you to the same page you were able to access through Reimbursement under the Current Issues link.  On this page you will find a list of comment letters submitted to federal agencies, such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These letters respond to proposed regulations that affect PAs. In these comment letters, AAPA summarizes relevant sections of the regulations, indicates how the proposed policies affect PAs and makes recommendations to CMS and other federal agencies on ways to attain optimal PA utilization and increase patient access to care.

While this article acts as an introduction to the resources available on AAPA’s website, it is not a comprehensive catalog of resources available. To inquire whether AAPA possesses reimbursement-related resources that are not mentioned here, please reach out to the Reimbursement department.

Trevor Simon, MPP, is AAPA’s assistant director of regulatory policy. Contact him via email or at 571-319-4405.