As many state legislatures are winding down their 2020 sessions, it’s not too early to develop and refine advocacy and communications plans for the 2021 state legislative session. Barriers to PA practice can exist in statute, regulation or in policies of regulatory agencies. AAPA is eager to work with its constituent organizations (COs) to improve access to care.

When creating an advocacy plan for the upcoming legislative session, partnerships between state chapters and specialty organizations, caucuses and special interest groups can lead to strong coalitions for change. Contact the Advocacy team member assigned to your CO to get started:

Lauren Bates-Rowe, Vice President, State Advocacy & Outreach (SAO)
Mary Kate Allee, Director, Constituent Organization Outreach & Advocacy (COOA), Caucuses, Federal Service Chapters
Brian Dautch, Director, COOA, Specialty Organizations and Special Interest Groups
Erika Miller, Director, North Central Region States
Shannon Morey, Director, SAO, South Central Region States
Keisha Pitts, Director, SAO, Western Region States and Puerto Rico
Stephanie Radix, Senior Director, SAO, Southeast Region States and U.S. Virgin Islands
Carson Walker, Director, SAO, Northeast Region States