Six Ways to Maximize Your Recently Published Op-Ed

Op-eds, sometimes also referred to as guest columns, are an important tool for your CO to use to help sway public opinion on key issue affecting PAs and patients in your community. Length and submission requirements vary widely by region and publication, but has a list with tips and a list of local outlets which may help you get started. If you do have an opportunity to publish an op-ed, make sure to consider the below to ensure your CO is maximizing its exposure.

1. Feature the “real thing”

a. Make sure to obtain a local print copy of your newspaper. Consider framing it and featuring it in your office or a shared CO office space, if available.

2. Share it with legislators and stakeholders

a. Save a PDF of the online version of the article and include it in packets for legislators and/or bring it to in-person meetings with relevant stakeholders.

3. Repurpose and resubmit

a. Most newspapers will not allow you to submit the same op-ed to multiple outlets, but with some slight modifications, you can draft a different op-ed and submit it to another paper broadening its initial reach.

4. Post it on your CO’s website

a. If you have a “news” or “blog” section on your chapter’s website, publish it as news content! Just make sure to only post part of the text link back to the newspaper.

5. Promote it on social media

a. Publish it to your own channels and notify AAPA’s communications team (if they don’t already know about it) so they can promote on AAPA’s social channels too.

6. Share it with your members

a. Include the op-ed in your newsletter to members, and encourage them to share it with others. Be sure to include a link on your website, too.

If you have questions or need support with further promotion of your op-ed, reach out to AAPA’s media relations team at [email protected].