Addressing Potential Labor Disputes in Your Hotel Contract

When planning conferences, consider addressing potential labor disputes in your hotel contract. For example, seek reasonable assurances that you may cancel without penalty if, in your CO’s discretion, the hotel may not be able to provide the promised level of service due to a labor dispute. A sample clause might read, “Hotel shall provide <CO> with information on and the dates of future renegotiations of applicable union contracts which may occur or be in progress during the <CO’s> Event, which may potentially disrupt and/or affect the Event. In the event of a strike or labor dispute, Hotel warrants it shall provide the same level of service as if there has been no strike or labor dispute. <CO> may seek reasonable assurances from Hotel and <CO> may cancel without penalty if, in <CO’s> sole discretion, <CO> believes that Hotel shall not be able to provide such level of service.