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Advocating for the profession is an ongoing effort – and we can’t do it without you. That’s why we offer downloadable resources to help you advocate for yourself in the workplace and for the profession as a whole.

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Direct Payment for PAs

As demand for PA medical and surgical services continues to grow, it is critical to streamline payment practices to increase access, improve transparency, and reduce administrative burdens on the Medicare program, PAs, employers and patients.

The Case for Separate PA Regulatory Boards

It is essential that PAs and physicians who are knowledgeable about PA practice participate as full voting members of the state regulatory board.

Optimal Team Practice Outreach Letter

Sample outreach letter to help explain and support Optimal Team Practice.

Optimal Team Practice Talking Points

Talking points to help you support states’ move toward Optimal Team Practice (OTP).

Fact Sheet: What Optimal Team Practice Means for Healthcare

Four ways how optimal team practice will improve healthcare.

Prescribing Chart

PA Prescribing Authority by State.

Bibliography on the PA Profession

Articles and Reports on the PA Profession. Selected Topics.