Digital Banners

Web Banners on

Cost: Varies

Audience Range: 4,000 to 450,000

Sizes: 728×90 or 970×90

Don’t miss out on this high-visibility opportunity! Place your banner ad on’s most popular pages. We can offer a targeted audience for your ideal needs, or you can reach a broad range of PAs, PA students, and healthcare providers. Sales will typically be sold in flights of up to 13 weeks with a minimum investment.

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Digital Banners in AAPA e-Newsletters

Cost: Varies

Audience Range: 20,000 to 97,000

Sizes: 728×90

Another high-visibility placement is AAPA’s various newsletters. These emails reach a range of PAs, from almost 97,000 practicing PAs to much more targeted audiences, like retired PAs, and PA students and Pre-PAs.

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For more information, please contact Heather Teplitz, Manager of Exhibit Sales & Services, at [email protected].