AAPA Clinical Conversations: Webinar Series

Cost: $15,000 per webinar

Discounts may apply with purchase of three or more webinars.

PAs rely on this webinar series for substantive knowledge in quick bites!

Design your own custom webinar, with your content and moderator, and AAPA will host – providing the platform and promotion through our multi-channel marketing approach, designed just for you. Plus, our team of professionals will review your webinar to ensure that the content and tone are right for our audience.

More about PAs and AAPA

Audience Member Nonmember
Practicing PAs 40,000 100,000
Student PAs 18,000 4,500

Contact Information

For more information or to reserve your webinar, please contact Del Baker Robertson, Director Strategic Business Development, at [email protected] or 202-903-9225.