House of Delegates – Student Delegation

PA students form one of the largest delegations to the annual meeting of the House of Delegates (HOD), AAPA’s policy making body.

The chief delegate of the 2020-2021 HOD Student Delegation is Delilah Dominguez; if you have questions or concerns please contact her at [email protected]. Read more about each student delegate on the 2020-2021 Student Delegation page.

To become more involved with the House of Delegates, submit a volunteer form indicating your interest in serving as a member on an HOD reference committee, as a scribe on an HOD reference committee, or as a teller. Reference committees listen closely to the testimony/debate on each resolution during its hearing, then meet to further discuss the testimony and develop recommendations to the HOD to adopt, amend, refer, or reject the resolution. Tellers help pass messages and keep the floor clear during the HOD meeting. Contact Tom Shoemaker at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Student HOD Delegate Duties

  1. Become informed on the issues that will be discussed and debated during the HOD meeting. Regularly discuss these issues with others from your student society. This will allow you to better represent the student voice and inform them about what is going on within the profession.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the parliamentary procedures used during House proceedings.
  3. Regularly check the email account associated with your HOD delegate application to be sure you receive essential information throughout the year. Leading up to the Conference, email will be the primary method used to inform delegates of the HOD schedule of events.

After the Conference, return to your student society and give a summary of the resolutions discussed and the actions taken. These resources may be helpful to HOD student delegates.

  1.  Speaker’s Update – A regular communication from the Speaker of the House to all delegates,
  2. The HOD section of the AAPA website