Latest Information 2020 HOD

View updates below related to the cancellation of the May 2020 HOD meeting, rescheduling the 2020 HOD meeting to November 20-22, change in the timing of the House Officers Election, and more as information becomes available.

  1. The HOD Meeting scheduled for May 15-17 in Nashville, TN has been postponed. See the communication to delegates for more information.
  2. The House Officers met via conference call on April 6 and voted to pass a motion to conduct the 2020 House Officers Election electronically prior to the in-person HOD meeting in November. This action will allow a full AAPA Board of Directors to be seated when AAPA’s new leadership year begins on July 1.
  3. The new dates for the 2020 HOD Meeting are November 20-22 (Friday-Sunday). Check back for updates on the location of the meeting, schedule, etc. as more information becomes available. See the communication on April 7 containing the announcement of the 2020 HOD meeting dates, 2020-21 HOD apportionment, and information about the House Officers Election.
  4. May Speaker’s Update
  5. Virtual HOD Meeting Announcement
  6. August Speaker’s Update