2021 Conference CME Proposal Graders

AAPA is seeking PAs to help select educational content for AAPA 2022 Conference by evaluating CME conference proposals.

As a grader, volunteers will review proposals from three to five of the 47 different specialty tracks, based on which tracks are selected on the application. Volunteers will look at the content submitted such as learning objectives, description of the educational session, why the topic is important to PAs, and speaker qualifications. Review of all this information will allow graders to make an informed decision for the questions on the online evaluation form.

This quick opportunity allows volunteers to provide input into the Conference CME session selection process. Volunteers will work independently to review all of the proposals between August 9-22.

All online evaluations completed by volunteers will be summarized and provided to the Commission on Continuing Professional Development & Education members to better inform final content decisions for the Conference program.

All work completed will be done electronically. It;s estimated that each volunteer will need to dedicate around 20-25 hours during the two week period to review all proposals in their respective tracks. The amount of time will vary depending on the number of proposals received for the specialty tracks that the volunteers are reviewing.

The deadline to apply is July 31, 2021. APPLY NOW.