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 You must be a member of AAPA in order to support the AAPA PAC. 

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To allow individual PAs to share in the opportunity to support federal candidates who have demonstrated their belief and understanding of the principles to which the profession is dedicated.


AAPA's Political Action Committee (PA PAC) provides a means for PAs to participate in the political process on a national level. The PA PAC supports candidates who are committed to the principles that drive the PA profession. By providing this support, the PAC helps develop strong congressional advocates for the PA profession and helps ensure that those advocates can continue working to promote the interests of physician-PA team practice and patients for many years to come.

Who does the PA PAC support?

  • Candidates for the U.S. Congress who advocate for the PA profession
  • Both Republican and Democratic candidates
  • Primary and general election campaign efforts of candidates

What does 'advocating for the profession' mean? 

It means the candidate:

  • Supports and promotes the principles of the PA profession
  • Works for policies that improve the healthcare environment for PAs and their patients or works for policies that allow PAs to practice medicine
  • Has a proven record of supporting and promoting AAPA's legislative priorities

Why does AAPA need a PAC?

  • The PA PAC is the only PAC in the U.S. focused on representing PAs in federal elections.
  • The PAC is an integral part of AAPA's efforts to promote the legislative and political interests of PAs.
  • Under federal law, the AAPA is prohibited from redirecting membership dues to candidates running for federal office. Therefore, PA PAC has been created to identify and contribute money to qualified candidates who weigh the interests of PAs when considering legislation.

Who is on the PA PAC Board of Trustees?

  • Justin Anzalone, PA-C, chair
  • Michelle DiBaise, trustee, DHSc, PA-C, DFAAPA, chair-elect
  • Drew Morten, MPH, PA-C, immediate past chair
  • Vacant, Trustee
  • Jennifer L. Dorn, AAPA CEO, Treasurer
  • Tillie Fowler, AAPA senior vice president for advocacy and government relations, assistant treasurer

Who can contribute to the PA PAC?

  • Individual members of AAPA, as well as AAPA employees, may contribute to the PA PAC.  Federal law prohibits the PAC from accepting donations from other sources.
  • Please note:
    • Individuals may contribute up to $5,000 to the PA PAC per calendar year.
    • Only personal contributions are accepted
    • Federal law requires the PA PAC to collect and report the name, address, occupation and employer of individuals contributing more than $200 in a calendar year
    • Contributions to the PA PAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.
    • All contributions to the PA PAC are voluntary

Whom can I contact with questions about the PA PAC?

  • Contact Sandy Harding, Senior Director, Federal Advocacy, at, for more information.   

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