Professional Ethics

Guidelines for Professional Conduct

The Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for the Physician Assistant Profession were written by PAs for PAs. This ethics manual outlines the fundamental principles of the profession and describes ways in which the principles might apply in professional life. Each PA must use his or her best judgment in any situation while considering the preferences of the patient and the supervising physician, clinical information, ethical concepts and legal obligations.

Complaints against AAPA Members

As the representative organization of the PA profession, AAPA is committed to high professional ideals and respect for the public interest. AAPA policies include standards of conduct and a system for individuals to register complaints against AAPA constituent organizations or individual members.

Information about the complaint process is found in the AAPA Judicial Affairs Procedures Manual. The form for filing an ethics complaint is available by calling 571-319-4398.

AAPA automatically revokes an individual's AAPA membership if the member has had his or her license revoked as the result of a final adjudicated disciplinary action. You can read additional information about automatic revocation.

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