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  • Find answers to frequently asked questions about the PA profession on these pages:

    What Is a PA? 

    What physician assistants do, how they are educated and how they work with doctors.

    PA's Role 

    The skills and value that physician assistants add to the healthcare system and how they are helping to transform healthcare and make it more cost-effective.

    Regulation and Reimbursement 

    How much PAs make, how they are reimbursed and who regulates them. Also, other professions frequently confused with physician assistants.

    PAs and Where They Work 

    How many certified physician assistants there are, their distribution by state and how many work in medically underserved areas.

    The Work PAs Do 

    Physician assistants in primary care, specialties and government work.

    Who PAs Are 

    Demographic breakdown of physician assistants.

    The PA Profession: Past, Present and Future 

    The history and future outlook of the profession, plus a few current issues.

    AAPA and the PA Profession 

    An overview of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the services it provides to PAs.

    PA Organizations 

    Other organizations serving the physician assistant profession.

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