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  • AAPA is proud to support the PA research community and facilitate PA research through our research services, publications and community survey support.

    Research Services

    AAPA is interested in supporting organizations and individuals in research projects that explore and support the role of the PA in the changing healthcare landscape. AAPA’s Research Department has a wealth of research leadership, analytical capacity, literature and data about PAs and PA students as well as pertinent health workforce issues.

    Research Publications

    Every year AAPA conducts a survey of PAs across the country. The Annual Physician Assistant Annual Survey provides us with the data for the Salary Report and the Annual Survey Report.

    The Annual Survey Report contains information about the distribution of the PA population.

    The Salary Report contains detailed information about the compensation of PAs across the country and includes detailed compensation analysis by specialty, setting and years of experience. The 2013 Salary Report is available for free to AAPA members.

    AAPA also maintains a PA Bibliography of publications that pertain to the PA workforce. The PA Bibliography and other literature resources can be found in the Resources tab.

    Data and Research Requests

    We receive many requests for information about PAs. If you need specific information that is not available on this website, please email us.

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