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  • Background
    In 2010, the AAPA Board of Directors commissioned a Research Steering Committee charged with proposing a research agenda for the PA profession.

    Research Steering Committee 
    Chaired by Dr. Kenneth Moritsugu, the RSC is a panel of nationally recognized experts in healthcare research.

    The committee met in April and developed a proposed research agenda that is being reviewed by the AAPA BOD.

    Proposed Research Agenda
    The research agenda will cover the following topics (in priority order – 1 being the highest priority):

    1. Cost-effectiveness
    2. Access to care
    3. Workforce composition
    4. Shortages
    5. Team outcomes
    6. Medical teams
    7. Patient safety

    Read the summary report of the AAPA RSC meeting held April 30, 2011.

    Research Summit 
    AAPA convened a two-day Research Summit in March, 2010, to begin defining the PA profession's research needs. You can read about the Research Summit proceedings [PDF].

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